Thursday, October 26, 2006

They’re Not Really Saints, Ravens Aren’t Devils

As Jamison Hensley reported in the Sun, the Ravens get to be the Bad Guys this coming weekend. That's because we're heading for New Orleans to play the the team that has the nation's emotional support as they and their city continue the struggle to bounce back from Hurricane Katrina.

"Everybody loves them, and deservedly so. You go in and beat them, you might as well go and beat up Mother Teresa - you know, 'You scums, what are you doing here?' " [Coach Brian] Billick said. "But that is what we are going to try to do, because there is a great deal of energy and emotion there right now."

Did you know the Ravens have six players who hail from the
New Orleans area? David Pittmann, Ronnie Prude, Ed Reed, Dawan Landry, B.J. Sams, and, oh yeah, Steve McNair.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tale of Two Steves

Okay, the Ravens weren't destined for a flawless season, but I had hoped we got our token loss out the way last week and were going to handle the Carolina Panthers successfully even though they are tough. It was close (23-21), but when our QB Steve McNair was out of the game with a concussion and neck sprain in the first quarter, we were lucky to keep it that way. Especially because Panthers' QB Jake Delhomme started passing to Steve Smith every chance he got; they started the season out of whack without him, but Carolina has gotten in their groove ever since he's been in the lineup.

Good news is that our Steve's scans and X-rays were all negative. We've got a bye for Week 7, so rest up, McNair.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Baltimore Ravens Roll Up Their Sleeves to give back!

The Baltimore Ravens admirably give back with consistency! Each week during the season, a Baltimore-area high school football coach is honored by the Ravens. The coach who has the most significant impact on his althetes will recieve a $2,000 donation for the schools football program, a specially-designed hat and several other prizes. The cool thing about this generous act from the Ravens, is that they've been doing it for TEN YEARS now! Whoa, thats big!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Baltimore Ravens Streak Past San Diego Chargers

Nice to finally get back to blogging about my Baltimore Ravens after a summer break I didn't really want to take! But hey, the Ravens have been doing great without any help from me! How about that 4 and 0 win streak!

It was nice to boot San Diego off the undefeated list, although their streak was all of two games. Our guys made it dramatic, letting them hang onto the lead well past the 2-minute warning! Way to go Steve McNair! But that's why the NFL games keep me glued to my screen, like I will be when we play the Denver Broncos on Monday night (the 9th)--or better yet, why I want Baltimore Ravens tickets to be there in M&T Bank Stadium when the Carolina Panthers come to town!