Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Interceptions Plague the Ravens

Monday night was stressful for Dallas Cowboys fans. Julius Jones was playing but not starting and the Eagles had our offense pegged. We couldn’t get any third down conversions. After the half we couldn’t get a running game going nor could Drew Bledsoe get enough protection to find a receiver. In the last three minutes of the game Terry Glenn scored a TD. Trailing by 6 with minutes left, Roy Williams picked off bad lob by McNabb and stole the game for the Cowboys. McNabb suffered a possible season ending injury and the Boys are pretty much playoff material now.

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Anonymous said...

Interceptions are not the what plague the Ravens. They are simply a bi-product of the actual ailment. Sorry ass quarterbacks chosen by a sorry ass coach. Brian "the boob" Billick has a talent for choosing some of the worst quarterbacks known to mankind. He recently tried out the former Bronco Bubby Brister. The sad thing is that Bubby would be an improvement to the current quarterbacks on the roster. New hit show debuting soon, "Bubby and the Boob."