Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ravens Comeback Not Enough for Win

The Baltimore Ravens played surprisingly well against the Cincinnati Bengals in their 42-29 loss. Jamal Lewis had over one hundred yards rushing. He finally found the holes he had been missing all year and our offense looked good in the third and fourth quarters. Kyle Boller kept handing Lewis the ball in the first quarter even though he couldn’t get any yards, but Boller’s persistence (and good coaching) led to some great running plays in the second half. The Bengals scored quickly on short drives and lead 31-0 at one point. The Ravens defense is to blame primarily for the Bengals lead, but until the third quarter the offense wasn’t doing much better.

What do we need to do to beat the Texans this Sunday?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ravens Steal Win Over Pittsburgh

The Baltimore Ravens exacted their revenge on the Pittsburgh Steelers for beating them only a few weeks ago. Just as the Steelers had done, the Ravens pulled out a last minute field goal to win the day. In overtime Matt Stover came through with a 44 yard kick to break the Ravens losing streak. We broke the Steelers four game winning streak but it won’t be enough to get us to the playoffs this year. The Ravens defensive pass rush looked great though, breaking the Steelers offensive line like it was made of crackers. The Steelers crumbling offense allowed Tommy Maddox to be sacked six times. Bart Scott was responsible for two of them and he got a fumble recovery as well. If we can play this well against the Steelers why have we lost 7 games?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Interceptions Plague the Ravens

Monday night was stressful for Dallas Cowboys fans. Julius Jones was playing but not starting and the Eagles had our offense pegged. We couldn’t get any third down conversions. After the half we couldn’t get a running game going nor could Drew Bledsoe get enough protection to find a receiver. In the last three minutes of the game Terry Glenn scored a TD. Trailing by 6 with minutes left, Roy Williams picked off bad lob by McNabb and stole the game for the Cowboys. McNabb suffered a possible season ending injury and the Boys are pretty much playoff material now.