Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Moss to Baltimore?

The hard truth about the Ravens is that their offense has seen better days. If the Ravens expect to ever make it back to the Super bowl, they will need some more weapons on offensive to help get them there.

And what most people have been hearing is that Randy Moss could be a possibility, which is not a bad idea (from one purple uniform to another). Seriously, if this was to happen the Ravens still wouldn’t get the numbers they want. They need dynamic offensive line-men that can give Boller time to throw the ball. Unless he is just used to handing it off to Jamal Lewis.


Reveil01 said...

I Think that Moss is the best reciver in the NFL.I think it would
it would the best thing that happend for the Vikings defence.But I'm a huge Vik's fan.But their D sucks.

Jason09 said...

I think it would help the ravens in an offensive away but if they dont get the o-line like we need we'll go 11-5 in the 05-06 season