Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Training Camp Is Over!

So, training camp is over (a day early) and things went pretty well. Here's how the Raven's homepage characterized their progress and Kyle Boller's progress in particular...

The camp was also largely about continuing the development of second-year quarterback Kyle Boller, who will start against the Browns.

Boller progressed “very, very well” over the past four weeks, Billick said. Boller’s improvement was most noticeable in how he handles difficult situations, like protection breakdowns or when a receiver runs a wrong route.

If Boller can make two additional completions per game, the Ravens’ passing attack, which ranked last in 2003, can jump to the middle of the pack this season. A productive aerial attack, combined with their dominant running game, would result in a more efficient and balanced offense.

“[The passing game] has a lot of potential,” said wide receiver Kevin Johnson. “With Jamal back there running the ball and knowing what the defense is going to give you, I think it gives us a lot of one-on-one opportunities on the outside. It gives us the freedom to make a lot of plays. So, if the quarterback and the receiver get on the same page, I think the sky is the limit.”

Now it's about time for the season to begin. GO RAVENS!!!

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